Mithila Review Issue 09
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Mithila Review Issue 09


Mithila Review is an international science fiction and fantasy journal founded in 2015. We publish literary speculative fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, articles, art, etc. from around the world.

This special double issue (#9) contains:

  • Women of Color in Speculative Fiction: Roundtable Discussion, Interviews, Fiction & Non-Fiction from authors including Cassandra Khaw, Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali, Priya Sharma, Vandana Singh, Isabel Yap, S.B. Divya, Shveta Thakrar, Mary Anne Mohanraj & Mimi Mondal

  • The State of Current German Speculative Fiction: A Roundtable Discussion featuring Diana Menschig, Oliver Plaschka, Kai Meyer, Alessandra Ress

  • Erik Born's translation of Kurd Lasswitz's "The Universal Library" from German. This classic German story, which inspired the likes of Borges, has never been published in its entirety before.

  • Original fiction & reprints from Jasper Sanchez (Stories We Carry On The Back Of The Night), Kurd Lasswitz (The Universal Library), Vandana Singh (The Mountain Mahesh), Raman (Hide), Priya Sharma (Blonde) Shveta Thakrar (Thorns In My Throat), S.B. Divya (Binaries), Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali (Five Lessons in the Fattening Room), Tehseen Baweja (Partition), Mary Anne Mohanraj (Excerpts: Hammer in the Dark) and Anil Menon (Excerpts: Half of What I Say)

  • Excellent poetry from John Philip Johnson (Four Moons), Naru Sundar (Cup of Tea), Laura Page (Her Chemo Friend Explains Capricorn), Rose Lemberg (Pollen), Bruce Boston (Surreal Bucket List #3), Mary Soon Lee (Alternate Genders, Chronology Of Items Found On The Moon, Boatman), Steve Simpson (When We Were Young), David C. Kopaska-Merkel (Traces) and Bryan Thao Worra (What Kills A Man, An Archaeology of Snow Forts)

  • Book Reviews include "Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler" by Alison Akiko McBain, "Under the Radar: Sultana’s Dream" by Mahvesh Murad, '"To hold contradictions in balance…”: Tashan Mehta’s The Liar’s Weave' by Gautam Bhatia, "Borne by Jeff Vandermeer" by Aditya Singh, and "Binti: Home by Nnedi Okorafor" by Isha Karki.

Thanks so much for your love and support!


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